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          论文名称 第一作者或通讯作者 刊物名称 刊物级别 发表日期
          Strategy of periodic reverse   current electrolysis to synthesize Ferrate(VI): enhanced yield and removal of   sulfachloropyridazine 孙旭辉 Separation and Purification Technology SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2021,263
          A two-step process for   pre-hydrolysis of hemicellulose in pulp-impregnated effluent with high alkali   concentration to improve xylose production 施云芬 Journal of Hazardous Materials SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2021,402,1
          Dual-function of CdCl2   treated SnO2 in Sb2Se3 solar cells 周静 Applied Surface Science SCI一区其它期刊 2020,534
          Detection of elemental   mercury in flue-gas by a chemiresistive SnS–SnO2 ccomposite ssensor 王冬 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2020,318
          Risk of penicillin   fermentation dreg: increase of antibiotic resistance genes after soil   discharge 王冰 Environmental pollution SCI一区其它期刊 2020,259,1
          Helical bowl-like SnS2 with   structure-induced conversion efficiency for enhanced photothermal therapy 王冬 Chemical Engineering Journal SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2020,400
          Germanium-based   high-performance dual-ion batteries 周静 Nanoscale SCI一区其它期刊 2020,12,1
          Pyrolysis of oleaginous yeast   biomass from wastewater treatment: kinetics analysis and biocrude   characterization 于大禹 Renewable Energy SCI一区其它期刊 2020,150,1
          Computational fluid dynamics   and factor analysis of a novel swirling demulsified airlift loop reactor for   the treatment of refined soybean oil wastewater 施云芬 Bioresource Technology SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2020,296,1
          Designed synthesis of   nickel-cobalt-based electrode materials for high-performance solid-state   hybrid supercapacitors 杨柳 Nanoscale ESI高被引论文(1% 2020,12
          An experimental and   theoretical study of duplex fcc+hcp cobalt based entropic alloys 王嵬 Acta Materialia SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2019,176
          Synthesis of branched   octahydro-indene with methyl benzaldehyde and methyl isobutyl ketone 张晓君 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering SCI一区其它期刊 2019,7
          Escherichia coli strain   designed for characterizing in vivo functions of ncotinamide adenine   dinucleotide analogues 王磊 Organic Letters SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2019,21,9
          Removal of   sulfachloropyridazine by ferrate(VI): kinetics, reaction pathways,   biodegradation, and toxicity evaluation 孙旭辉 Chemical Engineering Journal SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2019,372
          Reduction of N2O by CO via   mans-van krevelen mechanism over phosphotungstic acid supported single-atom   catalysts: a density functional theory study 刘春光 Inorganic Chemistry SCI一区其它期刊 2019,58,8
          Facile design and synthesis   of nickle-molybdenum oxide/sulfide composites with robust microsphere   structure for high-performance supercapacitors 杨柳 Chemical Engineering Journal SCI一区顶级期刊(双1 2019,364
          A densely packed Sb2O3   nanosheet-graphene aerogel toward advanced sodium-ion batteries 周静 Nanoscale SCI一区其它期刊 2018,10,19

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